Five-tier Leaning shelf

Five-tier Leaning shelf


Solid white ash leaning bookshelf, easy to assemble

A simple geometry of flat boards that demonstrate leaning, the five-tier leaning shelf offers a series of changing, unconventional views as your eyes move around the piece. The unusual play of planes are owed to a subtle difference in leaning angles of the two vertical boards, turned perpendicular to each other. The simple use of wood joinery in connecting these semi-floating boards, make both for uninterrupted expanses of beautiful Ash grain and allows the piece to be completely flat packed and easy to assemble.

32” x 10” x 78” (assembled)
Depth is 18” from the wall when leaned.

Made to order. Lead Time 12-16 weeks

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The design for the shelf was drawn from the concept of leaning and the challenge of making leaning itself an interesting visual element. This led to the idea for demonstrating different leans with each vertical plank that would in turn meet the shelves with different kind of wood joints. The lean of front faced vertical board cut the half laps at increasing distances from the horizontal shelves, creating moments of overlap between the planes where objects placed on the shelves could be leaned against leaning board. Together these elements made for clever asymmetries based on leaning that is as intriguing as it is beautiful.

The five-tier leaning shelf is part of the collection, Dessert Menu by soft-geometry, featuring solid wood pieces that each explore different notions of sweet in a succinctly curated menu meant to inspire (sugar) highs!
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